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  Shanghai Baby
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Shanghai Baby


Jahr 2007



running time:
120 Minuten

Bai Ling

Luke Goss

Gregory Wong

Seiko Matsuda

Katja Riemann

Coco is leading an intense life in the booming city of Shanghai. All she cares about are the endless nights in the Shanghai club and art scene and finishing her first novel.

Soon her life gets a lot more complicated, when she starts feeling attracted to two completely opposite men. One is the painter Tiantian, a Chinese man tortured by melancholy and world-weariness, who turns out to be impotent. As an inevitable consequence, Coco?s love affair with him gets more and more platonic, even though she is sure she has found in him her one and true love.
Marc, a Brit residing in Berlin and Shanghai, is totally different: he is masculine, energetic and physically attractive. Coco embarks on a passionate love affair with the successful business consultant.

For a short time she experiences love and desire in equal intensity, but when Tiantian starts to express his self-contempt by abusing heroin and to slip out of her life completely Coco?s world collapses.
Trapped between Asian traditions and a Western lifestyle, torn between the conflict of romantic love and sexual appetite, she wanders about Shanghai?s crystal canyons ? with tragic consequences.

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